Not in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time (2010)
Not in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Sinlge Channel Video, Approx. 3 min
Digital Print, 160x120cm

‹잘못된 때와 장소에 있지 않도록›

싱글 채널 비디오, 약 3분
디지털 프린트, 160x120cm

— 2013 Detail, Gallery Simon, Seoul, Korea (Group Show)
— 2011 What Had Happened, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, Korea (Group Show)
— 2011 Future Map Prize, 176/Zabludowicz Collection, London, UK (Group Show)
— 2010 Minima Memoria, Street Level, Glasgow, UK (Solo Show)
— 2010 Down the Road of Globalisation, Crypt Gallery at St Martin-in-the-fields, London, UK (Group Show)
— 2010 Window Vol.2, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea (Group Show)

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Download the leaflet of Minima Memoria, Street Level, Glasgow, UK (Solo Show), 2010

The work was motivated by a British underground passage where a South American immigrant shot dead by a policeman as he was misunderstood as a terrorist in London in 2005. The work tries to create the atmospheric ambiance of the remains or traces, which is not tactile or visible but existing in our mind and echoing in the space as our memory remembers the tragic incident. The intention is to make invisible visible. The video was taken after making of a elaborate hand-made scale model of the underground passage of the tube station. This work is intended to be a device to put the viewers’ mind into a realm of sinister, disturbance and even morbid. The title Not in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time is from the victim’s message to his cousin long before he encountered the accident. The irony arises from here that he actually said the words “Pray you’re not in the wrong place at the wrong time” to give warning to his beloved family member against terrorism which occurred often at that time, not knowing that the accident would happen to him.

테러 위기가 고조되었었던 2005년 런던에서 평범한 이민자였던 진 찰스 데 메네제스가 데이터 오류에 의해 테러리스트로 오인, 사살된 사건의 장소인 스톡웰 지하철역에서 출발했다. 제목 ‹잘못된 때와 장소에 있지 않도록›은 그 즈음 빈번했던 버스 폭탄 테러와 관련해 희생자가 가족과 통화할 당시 안부와 함께 전했다는 메시지에서 따온 구절로, 가해자를 정확히 지목하기 힘든 사건의 성격과, 사건과 개인의 직/간접적 관계변화에 따라 메시지의 의미가 급격히 반전되고 마는 넌센스를 대변한다. 대도시에서 팽창되는 테러 위기 속에서 그 위기감이 어떻게 구성원을 교란상태로 이끌고, 이로 인해 어떻게 지극히 일상적인 공간이 비극의 무대로 뒤바뀌는지, 또한 어떻게 한 공간이 사건 이전과 동일해질 수 없는 반이상향적 공간으로 변모하는지에 대해 생각한다.

Not in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, Single Channel Video, Approx. 3min, 2010


Photographic Version of Not in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, Digital Print, 160x120cm, 2010


Making Process of Not in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time, 2010